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Science 2.0 Research Project MOVING: Big Data Analyses for Non-Computer Scientists

Given the constraints of information overload and limited time resources, how can you find information relevant to finishing information-intensive tasks? Computer science provides methods for this, but usually only experts know how to use them. The EU project MOVING aims to empower ordinary users by providing a platform and training for such methods In April,…

Big data, big science, common infrastructures: e-IRG, think-tank of European eScience service providers, speaks out

Today, not only science service providers talk about big data. Back in 2010, the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) issued a Blue Paper stressing that researchers are increasingly required to share data and process it in collaboration with others. This requires a common data infrastructure … Weiterlesen

Big Data, Big Science, gemeinsame Infrastrukturen: e-IRG, der Think Tank europäischer eScience-Dienstleister, meldet sich zu Wort

Nicht nur Wissenschaftsdienstleister sprechen heute von Big Data. Die e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) hatte bereits 2010 hatte in einem Blue Paper darauf hingewiesen, dass Forscher immer häufiger Daten miteinander “teilen” und kollaborativ bearbeiten müssen. Dazu bedürfe es einer gemeinsamen Daten-Infrastruktur, die insbesondere nachnutzbare, nach gemeinsamen Standards arbeitende … Weiterlesen