Social media are establishing themselves in the everyday world of research, influencing research techniques and publishing processes. 

The transdisciplinary Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 examines these changes and develops innovative Science 2.0 applications.

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Tomorrow’s networked researcher profile page: What it will look like (according to contributors from #dhiha6)

A few minutes ago, David Chavalarias and me held a workshop within the Digital Humanities Experiments event on 11/12 June 2015 at the German Historical Institute Paris (DHIP). This blog post is the third part (see all) of a contribution to DHIP’s … Weiterlesen

Tomorrow’s networked researcher profile page: a call for ideas (and ten minutes of your time) #dhiha6

We’re used to being able to easily find researchers’ profile pages on the web, often more than one about one and the same researcher. These profile pages go far beyond the digital version of a traditional CV (“curriculum vitae”). A … Weiterlesen

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