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News on Science 2.0 and Open Science (Newsletter March 2018)

Welcome to our third newsletter in 2018 with news around our Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 as well as general developments and upcoming events in the context of Science 2.0 and Open Science. Enjoy your reading! Barcamp Open Science: ‘We need to talk!’ The fourth Barcamp Open Science, organized by the Leibniz Research Alliance Science […]

Call for applications – Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century

Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century, November 29  –  December 1, 2017, Berlin There is a pressing need for informed expertise from virtually all fields of academic research (e.g., with regards to matters of climate change, innovation, migration, data security). Still, scientific expertise often remains within its own domain and only reaches relevant decision-makers […]

Science 2.0 and Open Science: Similar but still different

by Anna Maria Hoefler, Willi Scholz, Klaus Tochtermann Open Science and Science 2.0 get more and more attention in the scientific dialogue but the difference between both concepts is often unclear. The latest confusion started through the use of the two terms on the European level. The European Commission conducted a public consultation on “Science…